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On-Demand Trainings

Here you will find a series of webinars featuring presentations and accompanying materials and templates that can support you through your project’s life cycle – whether you are relaunching dental transformation efforts or starting anew. You can explore additional resources in the Resource Library.

Dental Transformation Initiative: Lessons Learned

Consultant Jenny Kattlove reviews the Dental Transformation Initiative’s Local Dental Pilot Projects, and highlights key learnings from Orange County’s efforts.

Project Design

IHQC reviews a 4-step approach to designing transformation programs. The process includes discovering and focusing on organizational priorities, understanding the current state, brainstorming change ideas, and designing the project plan.

Project Management

IHQC introduces key project management principles and strategies for launching a program and tracking its progress. 

Project Risk

IHQC discusses how project leads can assess, prepare for, and mitigate risks to the project or program. 

Implementing the Virtual Dental Home (VDH)

Dr. Paul Glassman and staff at California Northstate University acted as consultants for the California Dental Transformation Initiative project that established Virtual Dental Home systems in multiple counties in California. Information and resources about this work can be found at: 

California Northstate University College of Dental Medicine Virtual Dental Home

California Northstate University College of Dental Medicine California Dental Transformation Initiative

Program Financial Sustainability

During the 2021 Annual Healthcare Symposium, presenters Curt Degenfelder (President, CDCI Inc.) and Steve Rousso, MBA, MPA (Principal, Wipfli LLP) share updates on Medi-Cal PPS Rate Setting for the Next Five Years. Please note that information shared in this presentation is current as of April 9, 2021. 

The presentation and materials are provided courtesy of the Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County (CCALAC) and the Coalition of Orange County Community Health Centers (COCCHC). 

Process Flow Mapping

IHQC revisits process flow mapping as an approach to capture what your new and improved operations look like. The presentation offers steps to drafting your process flow map and leveraging it for future improvement efforts. 

Embedding and Sustaining Change

IHQC shares best practices and considerations for program leaders on how to embed, sustain, and scale up program efforts. 

Change Management

IHQC discusses theories, best practices, and practical solutions for managing change brought on by new initiatives and programs at any scope or scale. 

Storytelling with Strategy

Consultant Lauren Kay shares professional insights on how to develop stories of impact and convey your program’s successes to key audiences.